Welcome to the Shambhala Process Team Website

This site chronicles the work of the Shambhala Process Team (PT).

Follow the links below for more information on how we are beginning to work with some of the challenges facing Shambhala:

    • Our role in assisting the Shambhala community in transforming our social relations, cultural practices, and structures to be in line with our values; biographies of the PT Steering Committee; and a list of PT members: About us
    • Our working groups and principles that guide our work together: How we work
    • Periodic updates informing the community about our activities, meetings, and progress: Process Team Updates (see menu links)
    • Frequently Asked Questions about the Process Team as received and answered by the Transition Task Force: FAQ
    • Important external information, including about the formation of the Process Team cross-referenced from the Transition Task Force website: External resource (see menu links)
    • A contact form for those who wish to reach the Process Team as a whole: Contact us

We hope that these resources will be of benefit in creating transparency and building trust during this uncertain and transformative period.