Process Team letter to the community (4 April 2019)

Dear Shambhala Community,

The Process Team (PT) continues to work toward establishing the foundations and mechanisms to help the community navigate these difficult times. We are writing today with an update on what we have been doing. We recognize that until now, the PT may have seemed quiet from the outside; please know that inside, there has been a flurry of activity.

First, we have developed a website so that we may share our vision, our inspiration, our work, and our progress in an easily accessible format: We have included a translate button for those whose native language is not English, and though this is not a perfect solution, we hope it will make the site mostly accessible to all. The website alone, of course, will not be enough to fully address the needs of the community, nor will it be the only way by which the PT will communicate; nonetheless, we hope that it will be a helpful and accessible resource for the sangha.

Second, the members of the PT have formed several working groups(WGs) and are proceeding to develop processes and proposals to help our community face the challenges of our current situation. All WGs have met, a few of them more than once. Many have around 10-15 members, while one has more than 50. Many PT members serve on more than one WG. We meet mostly via Zoom, and members log in from time zones around the world.

Our goal is to share regular updates from each WG on the website (;

[Updates that were sent with the letter appear here:

Third, we now have a general PT email address for those who would like to reach out to the full PT directly: We do read all messages and will forward them to the relevant working group(s) where appropriate, though we may not be able to respond personally to all messages received.

Fourth, we would like to acknowledge the release of the final report from An Olive Branch. Though we have not yet had a chance to process its contents as a group, we will be reading, digesting, and incorporating this into our work moving forward.

Finally, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience and generosity as we work with the uncertainty and complexity of the tasks before us.

In the vision of enlightened society,

The Shambhala Process Team