About us

The Process Team is a group of volunteers from throughout the community who adhere to the following vision and mission statements:


Where we hope to see the community several years in the future

Shambhala as a thriving community, abiding in accord with the wisdom of all humanity and the Shambhala teachings and practices, which continually evolves through gentleness, kindness, fearlessness, and wisdom.


What we intend to achieve with our day-to-day efforts

To facilitate a community-wide process that engages the Sangha through dialogue while honouring the fundamental nature of basic goodness and abiding in accord with the Dharma, thereby identifying a path forward for the community that nurtures healing and learning, and respects diversity, inclusion, and cultural differences.

Translated versions of the Vision and Mission Statements.

Process Team Oath

Calling upon the lineages and dralas of Buddhadharma and Shambhala warriorship to support me in this oath, I, [name], as a member of the Shambhala Process Team, pledge to work diligently to further the vision of enlightened society and basic goodness.

I further pledge to:

    • apply gentleness, fearlessness, and intelligence in all my activities on the Process Team.
    • continue my own practice and study while I serve.
    • faithfully represent the wisdom of the lineage, the teachings, and the community as I understand it.
    • refrain from using this position for personal gain.

If I am unable to fulfill these pledges, I request that I be removed from the Process Team.

Current Process Team Members

Coordinating Body Members 2020-2021