[Please note: because the Process Team (PT) is a dynamic entity, some of the Working Groups (WGs) will dissolve and new ones will be born as our work evolves. We are doing our best to keep the acronyms up-to-date, but if you don’t find one here that you wonder about, please contact us]

Interim Board = IB

Transition Task Force (dissolved) = TTF

Process Team = PT

Process Team Steering Committee = PTSC or SC

Dorje Kasung = DK

Working Groups = WGs

    • Healing, Learning, and Protection Working Group = HLPWG (formerly HPWG or H&P WG)
    • Communications and Technology Working Group = CTWG
    • Culture Change Working Group = CCWG
    • Governance Working Group = GWG
    • Processes Working Group = PWG
    • Survey Working Group = SWG
    • Finance and Legal Working Group = FLWG
    • Process Synthesis Group (dissolved) = PSG