PTSC Letter to the Community (5 September 2019)

Dear Shambhala Community, Just over six months ago, on Shambhala Day, the Process Team took its seat. Those of us on the Steering Committee now find ourselves reflecting on the journey we have taken thus far. We would like to take this moment to share some of our thoughts, and reiterate our invitation for you … Continue reading PTSC Letter to the Community (5 September 2019)

August 2019

The Process Team (PT) Working Groups (WGs) continue to evolve. In this update, several WGs share information on their progress. You may notice that not all WGs report every month; some groups are continuing to work on projects mentioned in the last update, as well as exploring ways to take these to the community; some … Continue reading August 2019

Community Q&A

Please select the links below to view the “Question and Answer” sessions the PT Theory U Planning team held with the community: August 18 community Q&A August 24 community Q&A