“Theory U is Dharma!”

Lynn Vineyard is a Shambhalian from Phoenix who is learning about Theory U

“Here’s what I love about what I can see so far:

We are habituated into referencing our past to prepare for the future. Instead of attempting to learn from the past, what if we trained to learn from the future? How? Through present moment awareness, or presencing.

What if we could attune and expand our awareness as a collective group? We could use present moment awareness to notice emerging possibilities—not fantasy, but noticing possibilities that are presently emerging from the field of possibilities. (Groups represented in the intro course do focus on an essential question, so the limitless possibilities can be framed within a field of emerging possibilities.)

We could then train as a group to “test” emergent possibilities with many many iterations of doing what might fully manifest a possibility or multiple ones—always “testing” relative to the present moment as experienced from diverse perspectives in the group.

We would be learning and changing together, drawn by a shared vision and loyalty to the emergent reality that we are co-creating. The future would be calling us forward and we would be trained and ready to respond in the present moment.

I am sure you see that the essential “theory” of Theory U is Dharma!!!! I cannot imagine anything more worthwhile or Awesome!”