Belonging in Shambhala, March 31, 2021

Selected Quotes


My first 5 years in Shambhala I was blissed out with the Shambhala community without a connection to the Sakyong. Then I did a program and connected in a very deep way. I served in the court and got to witness Sakyong emanating nowness. Very inspiring. I still feel that I belong because I touched the ground of it, it transcends everything.

When I come to programs, I might not know anyone at first but then by the end I feel they are familiar. Meeting people at programs. Tender feelings when meeting again.

Shambhala helps me understand what is going on with my feelings.

Shambhala training saved my life.

I feel a sense of being bound up in something bigger than me that is truthful and good. I felt sadness and wonder.


The last two years people have been leaving and our group closed the center. For the last year, the core group meets at my house, but the peripheral people don’t come.

Confused about my belonging. Never developed a connection with the Sakyong.
My belonging was never a belonging to him.

Looking Forward

I’m going to continue making space for my local group to continue and look forward to post-Covid practice at centers.

I have a teacher and problems with my teacher, and that needs to belong in Shambhala too.


These conversations are very helpful. They are important to the heart.