Shambhala Practice and Study Paths, March 19, 2021

Selected Quotes

Looking Forward: Opportunities and Inspiration

What inspires me is the unfolding path offered by Shambhala Training; people I meet from many different backgrounds who are studying gentleness, confidence and presence; the teachers; expanding Shambhala on-line offerings but also Zoom allowing more expanded offerings.

The Buddhist and Shambhala Paths and their interconnectedness have been my path for the better part of my life, and I intend to continue and deepen them.

I’m interested in Big Tent Shambhala where there is activity of the Sakyong, other paths set in play by LDM, a path supported by SGS, and other teachers welcome. I see our community as a large gathering of impossible views, much like a large family gathering where there are different politics, but we are bound by blood. In this case we are bound by our connection to the terma.

I’m inspired by the Shambhala practices and teachings, by the local sanghas which ground us, and being grounded in meditation. I would like for us to be more inclusive of other teachers, and to receive more of a background in Buddhist studies.

Looking Forward: Suggestions

Civility and kindness – how are we going to have a big tent if we hold onto desire to complain about others in the tent?

I would like to see all of us practicing shamatha together more often.

I would like to have more resources for new teachers. We need new younger teachers now to keep this lineage alive.

A clear, simpler path of practice that retains Shambhala training at its core. Integrating live virtual teaching into weekend programs is helpful for smaller groups and areas where teachers do not live.

Continued conversation without the need to move towards a goal or a next step. This is a part of our history – our now – and that is okay.