Shambhala Practice and Study Paths, March 5, 2021

Selected Quotes


I feel the richness of our heritage, I love the Sakyong but I can’t stand the boundaries and restrictions that are imposed right now.

We first have to clear the ground. As long as we are a split sangha, it will be very difficult to continue. If no lineage, it will be very difficult.

An issue for our sangha is how to bring in new people in a way that they do not feel misled about Shambhala but at the same time can experience the power and magic of the teachings.

Looking Forward: Opportunities and Inspiration

We are eager to practice in-person and enjoy the warm companionship of the group again; appreciating more open possibilities of teachings at our centers; hoping and trusting that people who are and are not loyal to SMR can continue to share practice space and celebrate what we have in common: appreciation for our basic goodness/innate wisdom and the compassion that arises from that.

While some centres feel very fractured and as though the community has fallen apart, it is wonderful that people can join online practice sessions with others who they are in tune with, in other centres and different parts of the world.

I heard that the community, celebrations and practicing together as real people is greatly missed.

What inspired me and still inspires me is practicing together and living together, for example in a land center. I miss it so much.

It was very moving to exchange with old friends and find out, that our experiences and conclusions are quite differing. What united us is the wish to continue, to remain open to move forward, to not give up Shambhala right away.

Looking Forward: Suggestions

Having a “big umbrella” in Shambhala, where people can feel free to study with other teachers and do the practices that inspire them, is important — seemed to be important to everyone in our breakout group.

Having a higher tolerance for, and appreciation for diversity, in terms of paths and practices within Shambhala, is important. Accepting others and their diverse paths, and being inclusive and kind to all, is vital.

We need to be respectful of people’s connections to their teacher.

We should train in what we have in common, not in our differences. Remember our teachings and forms.

It would be great if Shambhala could open up more to other teachers and Sanghas.


Discussion was heartfelt and respectful.

I appreciate people’s viewpoints and to just have the opportunity to share with people I have not spoken to before.

I am absolutely energized by such a big show up and the wisdom and goodness that is shared between all of us, the absence of anger… it is a wonderful potential. Let’s water it.