Coordinating Body Meeting Minutes of 2020.12.08

Shambhala Process Team – Coordinating Body  Minutes  Meeting of 2020.12.08

Attendees : Catherine Éveillard, Janet Bronstein, Jim Fladmark, Kristine McCutcheon, Nora Wiser, Shel Sampa Fisher  Absent :  Ivan Tröscher

Roles  Facilitator : NW Minutes : SSF  Speakers List : [name]  Time Keeper : JF Call Host : JF Well-Being : [name]

1. Meditation
2. Opening
2.A. Opening Touch-In (brief transition: “what is alive in me now”)
2.B. Review/ Assign Meeting Roles
2.C. Approval of Minutes of last meeting
2.D. Approval of Agenda of Current Meeting
2.E Make copies of this document for approved Agenda, and for taking Minutes.
2.F. Confirm Date of Next Meeting – 2020.12.15
2.G. Confirm Call Connection Info for Next Meeting – same
2.H. Upcoming Events (dates related to PT or CB)
– All-PT Open Conversation 2020.12.13 at 2 PM Eastern
3. Status Updates

12-13 Cocktail Party details: Invitation? Host?
CE, KM, SSF will be present
Start with full group, then multiple breakout rooms to meet one another.
Maybe have conversation starters.
Non-Business Conversation

Post a link to the approved minutes to the Groups IO regularly – It would be great if in that thread there was a bit of a narrative or summary of the topics discussed.

Set up and ensure a monthly spot in the Shambhala SGS communication stream for ‘PT’ information to the community at large.
KM has been making progress on setting this up with Ashley Dinges.
We will need to plan for lead-time for translations.

CB-PT zoom room acquired?

Start thinking about theme for All-PT Call on Jan 23rd. Will we invite reports from WGs and Initiatives as in November?
– Updates from WG
– Invite Centres & Groups TF to this meeting to hear from them.

CE TF to meet with Mimi V. tomorrow re. What it would take to host planned CE conversations on Shambhala Online.

4. Discussion on Serving on the PT

Designing the process for expanding, inviting, and training new PT members

Review: Nobody outside the PT knows we exist. How to remedy?

PT membership status: Boundary issue. When are you part of PT and no longer a part?

New PT members: WGs extend invitations to others to join when needs are identified, or….?

Communication: within PT/ with community? Outline minutes? How that works?.

Creating less than full “serving on the PT” roles, e.g. “Community Participant”, for those serving only a specific activity, or an Advisor.
Body Break
Continue Discussion of PT Membership

Intention to be able to formalize people’s departures, and welcoming new people, by Shambhala Day 2021.02.12.
Communication to Community in January

Dates : January 10-15
Translation to start no later than : 7 days before.
Will include summaries of items with links to greater details.
Topics :
– Interesting numbers about Shambhala + links to Survey Reports
– Code of Conduct Rolling Out
– Community Engagement & mention of GMS

February Communication
– Reserved for CEI communication
– February 17
Debrief and Closing
A. Brief Meeting Evaluation (thumb gestures and, or a quick round of liked & did not like, deeper discussion would be scheduled for another time) and
Closing Touch-In
B. Dedication of Merit
C. Bow


Date Review Date Decision Details
2020.12.08 2020.02 public communication will be reserved for CEI
Desired date is 2020.02.17.
2020.12.08 2020.01 public communication to go out on 2020.01.13
Finished comms to go to translation by 2020.01.03.


Action Items


Date Due Date Lead Action Item Details
2020.12.08 KM Post a link to the minutes to the Groups IO regularly
2020.12.08 SSF Consolidate KM & SSF documentation on how we serve on the PT

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