Coordinating Body Meeting Minutes of 2020.12.15

Shambhala Process Team – Coordinating Body  Minutes   Meeting of 2020.12.15

Attendees : Catherine Éveillard, Janet Bronstein,  Kristine McCutcheon, Nora Wiser,   Absent :  Shel Sampa Fisher, Jim Fladmark, Ivan Tröscher.

Roles  Facilitator : NW Minutes : IT  Speakers List : [name]  Time Keeper : JF Well-Being : [name] Call Host : JF

1. Meditation
2. Opening
2.A. Opening Touch-In (brief transition: “what is alive in me now”)
2.B. Review/ Assign Meeting Roles
2.C. Approval of
2.D. Approval of Agenda of Current Meeting
2.E Make copies of this document for approved Agenda, and for taking Minutes.
2.F. Confirm Date of Next Meeting
2.G. Confirm Call Connection Info for Next Meeting
2.H. Upcoming Events (dates related to PT or CB)
– all-PT open conversation 1-9 at 2 PM Eastern
3. Status Updates

12-13 Cocktail Party report
Lightly attended. Consider suspending the open conversation events as they don’t seem to be necessary/attractive.

Weekly link of approved minutes now posted to the Groups IO. Feedback?

Upcoming communications: SGS communication stream:

3.1 January 10-15 (translation 7 days prior)‘PT’ information to the community at large including interesting numbers about Shambhala, links to survey reports, Code of Conduct rollout,CEI and GMS updates Include CB report, emphasizing the PT role in making these things happen.

3.2 February 17 communication: reserved for CEI; translation deadline?

CB-PT zoom room status

CE TF Topics – Belonging, GMS as topics. Piloting in the next couple of weeks, going public mid-January hopefully in Shambhala Online platform.

All-PT Call on Jan 23rd. Include reports from WGs? Center and Groups TF?

Consolidation of Documents on how we serve on the PT including further discussion on incorporating new members and exit protocols
Designing the process for expanding, inviting, and training new people serving on the PT

Surveys — DM/DA is currently supporting SGS in a survey of how the community uses and produces online services. In addition, reports for the Sense of Shambhala survey remain available and sub-analyses are being conducted.

How does the PT fit organizationally in Shambhala – participation? Third point on a triangle? Take experience of coordinating body – how to be really devoted to coordinating, with a larger group of people specializing in topic areas. Difficulty of the model of PT as a heavy responsibility, limits participation. A role in the Board makes sense if you are generating policies. But liaisoning well with the Board is helpful – PT manifesting in different ways in different situations. Who are our stakeholders, who is involved? In broad view – including those past the boundaries of the organization. PT Arm length from the Board and the Potrang.
Debrief and Closing
A. Brief Meeting Evaluation (thumb gestures and, or a quick round of liked & did not like, deeper discussion would be scheduled for another time) and
Closing Touch-In
B. Dedication of Merit
C. Bow

Decisions Made

Date Review Date Decision Details
12/15/20 CE Cancel Jan 9th Open Office
12/15/20 Cancel 12-29 CB meeting

Action Items

Date Due Date Lead Action Item Details
12/15/20 12/22/20 KM Find the document on stakeholders itemized by Working Groups for us to examine.
12/15/20 12/22/20 KM and all Review draft of the January Communication

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