Coordinating Body Meeting Minutes – Sep 24, 2020

Shambhala Process Team – Coordinating Body Minutes Meeting of 2020.09.24

Attendees : Catherine Éveillard, Janet Bronstein, Jim Fladmark, Kristine McCutcheon, Nora Wiser, Shel Sampa Fisher  Absent :  

Roles Facilitator : KM Minutes : Speakers List : [name] Time Keeper : JB Well-Being : [name] Call Host : JF

1. Meditation
2. Opening
2.A. Opening Touch-In
2.B. Review / Assign Meeting Roles
2.C. Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting
Request that they include more details (action item). Approval pushed to next meeting.
2.D. Approval of Agenda of Current Meeting
2.E. Confirm Date of Next Meeting
2.F. Confirm Call Connection Info for Next Meeting
2.G. Upcoming Events (dates related to PT or CB)
3. Status Updates
3.A. Completed Action Item Evaluations
KM/DW – Sending announcement for new members for Legal and Finance.
SSF will follow up on this announcement with Board and applicants.

3.B. Action Item Status Updates
SSF – Brainstorming CB evaluation measures :: Subtopic – where are we at as the CB right now :
Need new nominee for the CB, from Gov M. group
To be added as an item to next week’s agenda

KM – Shambhala Times Article
The Process Team (Coordinating Body and WGs) launches a Community Engagement Initiative
Draft to be read – next External Communication
Nora will edit a final version and be free to submit it without further CB review.

KM – Establishing a list of inactive members.

KM – Reminder to update the proposed and upcoming list of communications doc in Comms Document

JB – CE TF Update
RUoP course is presenting as an opportune venue for further piloting and recruitment.
CE TF discussing this in next meeting.
CE TF continues to prototype the method.

JF – Forgiveness & Acceptance as a Community Engagement Activity
View is that this a subgroup of the CE TF.
There is a lot of communication on the subject at the moment but we need clarity on how we will approach the topic, how to frame it so that it is uplifting, not divisive.
From perspective of a CEI conversation, we need to define clearly who we want to invite to the conversation and who is going to be the listener.
It would be good to frame the dimensions of forgiveness we want to work with to enable a generative conversation. A listening context.

KM – How are Centres feeling, What do Centres need ?
A couple of surveys unintentionally overlapped ; one from SGS, one from KM.
KM, as an individual, put out a survey on Shambhala Network : There were good responses from the ground, however confusion about where the survey was coming led her to withdraw the survey.
Learning : When we speak on public platforms, by default we represent the PT. If not, we need to clearly mention that we are speaking as an individual.

4. Designing & Planning 09/26 All-PT Call
Inviting and onboarding new PT members
Document on new pt members

Questions for the All PT meeting:
What does it mean to be on the PT ?
How to motivate inactive PT members to be more active ?
Do any Working Groups need new members ?
What do we need to take care of when bringing on new members ?

The CB is the “Listener”, receiving the harvesting
Action Context is to feed into a Proposal by the CB to Update PT Membership Responsibilities.

Applications will be sent to the CB. CB will forward to appropriate WG.
5. Updates from Working Groups
Update on Gov mods CE conversation

Flex Time
6. Debrief and Closing
6.A. Brief Meeting Evaluation (thumb gestures and, or a quick round of liked & did not like, deeper discussion would be scheduled for another time)
6.B. Closing Touch-In
6.C. Dedication of Merit
6.D. Bow

Decisions Made

Date Review Date Decision Details
Sep 24, 2020 6mths? We agreed to record our meetings so that we have them to check for minute taking.  


Action Items


Date Due Date Lead Action Item Details
2020.09.24 2020.09.30 KM Announcement of Diane’s departure to the PT
2020.09.24 NW Nora will finish editing the Sha. Times article for beg.of next week
2020.09.24 SS Shel Sampa is now responsible to reconstitute the F&L WG
2020.09.24 JF Connect with other PT members on what a CE on Forgiveness might involve.  What would the Question(s) be ?  How might the Invitation be framed ?
2020.09.24 JB Post on PT the list of topics that have come up (e.g. Forgiveness) and the harvesting from the pilot PT CE activity.
2020.09.24 NW, KM Identify and work on next steps for the questions of How are Centres Feeling ? ; What do Centres Need ?
2020.09.24 SSF, JB Reminder for 2020.09.26 All-PT will be automatically sent tonight, text to be updated before then :

1- What does it mean to be on the PT from existing PT members ?

2- How to motivate inactive members ?  Discussion is applicable to current members, as well as to ensuring new members get off to a good start.

Also : 

What is the integration process?

We can also mention the issue of  burn out :  Would it help if members had a finite term ?

JB will ask if Fred could be the facilitator.

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