Coordinating Body Meeting Notes 2020/06/04

Shambhala Process Team – Coordinating Body


Meeting of 2020.06.04

Attendees :  Catherine Éveillard, Diane Whitcomb, Janet Bronstein, Jim Fladmark, Kristine McCutcheon, Nora Wiser, Shel Sampa Fisher

Absences :  


Facilitator : SSF Minutes : CE Speakers List : [name]

Time Keeper : [name] Well-Being : [name] Call Host : NW


  1. Meditation
  2. Opening

2.A.  Opening Touch-In

2.B.1.  Assigning Meeting Roles

2.B.2.  Roles for next meeting : 

    Facilitator : SSF

    Minutes :  CE

    Host :  NW / JF

2.C.  Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting

2.D.  Approval of Agenda of Current Meeting

2.E.  Confirm Date of Next Meeting

2.F.  Confirm Call Connection Info for Next Meeting

2.G.  Upcoming Events (related to this WG)

  1. Presentation re. Agenda & Minutes Format

(agreement to give this format a try, however we want what we publish to be simpler, easier to read and more succinct.)

  1. Confirm CB Meeting Day

and where meeting info will be shared

(no change at this time)

  1. Survey Group – Advice from CB on Releasing Information from Sense of Shambhala
  2. Horizontal Communication – Scheduling All-PT Calls
  3. Closing

7.A. Brief Meeting Evaluation

(thumb gestures and, or a quick round of liked & did no like, deeper discussion would be scheduled for another time)

7.B. Closing Touch-In

7.B. Dedication of Merit

7.C. Bow

Decisions Made

Action Items