Coordinating Body Meeting Notes 2020/06/11

Shambhala Process Team – Coordinating Body


Meeting of 2020.06.11

Attendees :  Catherine Éveillard, Diane Whitcomb, Janet Bronstein, Jim Fladmark, Kristine McCutcheon, Nora Wiser, Shel Sampa Fisher

Absences :  


Facilitator : SSF Minutes : CE Speakers List : [name]

Time Keeper : [name] Well-Being : [name] Call Host : NW / JF



  1. Meditation
  2. Opening

2.A.  Opening Touch-In

2.B.  Assigning Meeting Roles

2.C.  Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting

2.D.  Approval of Agenda of Current Meeting

2.E.  Confirm Date of Next Meeting

2.F.  Confirm Call Connection Info for Next Meeting

2.G.  Upcoming Events (related to this WG)

  1. Confirm CB Meeting Day

and where meeting info will be shared

  1. Horizontal Communication – Scheduling All-PT Calls

Proposal :  Begin by agreeing that the date of the 1st All-PT CB call be Sunday 2020.06.28 [time must be specified]

Note :  Defining the structure of this call must follow shortly.

Proposal :  Commit to a rotating schedule for Meeting Facilitator Role

(see decisions, below)

  1. Status of the 1st CB Communication
  2. Should we have a CB Communications Review Process ?

KM requests CB be diligent about respecting agreed upon review deadlines.

IT&Comms ST Lead (KM) can decide to delay sending a message they think is not ready.

  1. Status of How to connect with Theory U Groups ?

Theory U groups are running well and they will get in touch with the CB as they are ready.

  1. Status of How CB can support Survey Group re. Sense of Shambhala Survey ?

CB agrees that 1st All-PT meeting subject will be about Sense of Shambhala Survey results.

JB will come to next meeting with an outline for this call.

  1. Initial discussion :  CB Response to current discussion re. Inviting SMR to a community discussion.

See action item.

– Pending discussion items : 

Review, Confirm – How does the CB relate to the overall PT ?

Aims of CB – Clarifications on Nyen role and communication flow

CB Role Appreciation Schedule & Content

  1. Closing

7.A. Brief Meeting Evaluation

(thumb gestures and, or a quick round of liked & did no like, deeper discussion would be scheduled for another time)

7.B. Closing Touch-In

7.B. Dedication of Merit

7.C. Bow

Decisions Made

Decision Details


CB to host two All-PT meetings per month, starting June 28.

 – One 90-minute meeting with a specific topic of discussion.

– One 60-minute meeting with the aim of listening to the PT.

On a rotating schedule of Saturdays and Sundays, “earlier” & “Later” in the day (for each meeting type).

It is understood that not all members of the CB are going to be able to attend every meeting, however some members of the CB must be at each one.

This decision will be reviewed after 1 month :

– were sufficient CB members able to attend

– were sufficient PT members able to attend

– are CB members comfortable sustaining this time commitment


Adopt a rotating schedule for Meeting Facilitator


Must be familiar with the agenda.

Responsible for keeping the discussion on subject.

Responsible for ensuring equal time for all during discussions.

Shel Sampa – May 18 – Jun 14

Nora             – Jun 15 – Jul 05  

Catherine      – Jul 06 – Aug 02

Jim               – Aug 03 – Aug 30

Kristine         – Aug 31 – Sep 27

Diane            – Sep 28 – Oct 25

Janet             – Oct 26 – Nov 22

Shel Sampa  – Nov 23 – Jan 03 (2 wks off)


Action Items

Respond to PT discussion re. Inviting Sakyong to a community discussion.

– quick response : SSF

– more detailed response :  CÉ + NW