Coordinating Body Minutes Meeting of 2020.12.22

Shambhala Process Team – Coordinating Body Minutes Meeting of 2020.12.22

Attendees : Catherine Éveillard, Janet Bronstein, Jim Fladmark, Kristine McCutcheon, Nora Wiser, Shel Sampa Fisher   Absent :  Ivan Tröscher

Roles  Facilitator : NW Minutes : CE  Speakers List : [name] Time Keeper : JF Well-Being : [name] Call Host : JF

1. Meditation
2. Opening
2.A. Opening Touch-In (brief transition: “what is alive in me now”)
2.B. Review/ Assign Meeting Roles
2.C. Approval of minutes of last meeting
2.D. Approval of Agenda of Current Meeting
2.E Make copies of this document for approved Agenda, and for taking Minutes.
2.F. Confirm Date of Next Meeting (No meeting 12/29. Next meeting 1/05/20 ( we continue meeting on Tuesdays)
2.G. Confirm Call Connection Info for Next Meeting
2.H. Upcoming Events (see status updates below)

3. Status Updates

3.A. CB communications to PT

01/09 open call canceled
January 10-15 (translation 7 days prior)‘PT’ information to the community at large including interesting numbers about Shambhala, links to survey reports, Code of Conduct rollout,CEI and GMS updates. Review draft of the January Communication

January 23rd themed call. Include reports from WGs. Center and Groups TF
February 17 communication: reserved for CEI; translation deadline?

3.B Weekly link of approved minutes now posted to the Groups IO. (Done)

3.C. CE TF Topics – Belonging, GMS as topics.
Piloting status
Going public mid-January on Shambhala Online platform. Confirmed
Janet reports already close to 40 people registered for the facilitator’s gatherings during the holidays.

3.D. CB-PT zoom room status: to be completed

3.E CoC
JF reports that due the shortage of time before Shambhala day, the plan for the implantation of the CoC has been reduced by the Board. This will reflect a more step by step and hands on strategy that will evolve in time with the involvement of the community. The participation of the community stays the main approach to make this Coc a living experience rather than a set of rules.

Body Break

3.E. Consolidation of Documents on how we serve on the PT including further discussion on incorporating new members and exit protocols. This document outlines topics:
Designing the process for expanding, inviting, and training new people serving on the PT


4. Continue last week’s discussion:
How does the PT fit organizationally in Shambhala – participation?
The PT is the vision holder for all the groups that are working on different themes and actions throughout the mandala.
It was intended to become the voice of the community, to balance the previous state where there was no room for the community not only to be heard but to know itself and share understanding and agency.
Analogy with the art of war:
We come from a terrain that emphasized control and top-down authorization. This resulted in pain and anger and what we have today.
We are now shifting the terrain by moving it, doing things that change it piece by piece: the Coc, the Community Engagement through conversations across the mandala, the Governance modelisation.

We can already see some signs of change, like a seemering

More cross-sangha connections
More crowd sourcing knowledge
less identification of teacher/person
Multiple streams of teaching, enriching
Popping the local bubble, connecting through zoom with a bigger view of the sangha
Realizing in the PT that we are not seen as shit-activists anymore but that we have dharmic agency.

Even feeling outraged can become a place of agency: how can we move things in a dharmic way, expanding the view of enlightened society and transmission lineage.

Reflection to be continued..
Who are our stakeholders, who is involved? In broad view – including those past the boundaries of the organization. PT being at arm length from the Board and the Potrang.

Refer to the documents on stakeholders
Debrief and Closing
B. Dedication of Merit
C. Bow

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