Coordinating Body Meeting Minutes of 2021.02.02

Shambhala Process Team – Coordinating Body minutes Meeting of 2021.02.02

Attendees :  Catherine Éveillard, Ivan Tröscher, Janet Bronstein, Jim Fladmark, Kristine McCutcheon, Nora Wiser, Shel Sampa Fisher   Absent :  

Roles  Facilitator : JF  Minutes : KM  Speakers List : Well-Being :  Time Keeper : SSF Call Host : JF

1. Meditation
2. Opening
2.A. Opening Touch-In (brief transition: “what is alive in me now”)
2.B. Review/ Assign Meeting Roles –
2.C. Approval of minutes of last meeting
2.D. Approval of today’s Agenda
2.E Make copies of this document for approved Agenda, and for taking Minutes.
2.F. Confirm Date of Next Meeting (2/09/21)
2.G. Confirm Call Connection Info for Next Meeting
2.H. Upcoming Events (see status updates below)
Shamb Day Feb 12; All-PT Feb 21, themed
Year of the Metal Ox – Feb 12
Cancel Feb 7th all PT conversation
Next meeting talk about all PT on Feb 21
3. Status Updates

3. A. calendar
Review for accuracy. Frequency of Upcoming Events calendar?

B. Brief discussion on All-PT call Saturday, January 23
Written report of All-PT call?

Checking notes that CE made
Sending to participants for review by??
Sending to all participants
Posting to groups io for the PT

C. Any Follow up on the PT February Communication
Adding announcement about CE conversations

KM and JB to clarify with Ashley

D. Report of CE communications – Belonging in Shambhala
Gov pilot conversation

The conversations are starting and are getting full – they are spreading by word of mouth but next cei meeting is focusing more on how to spread that.
Looking at is the conversation focusing on what it is supposed to be focusing on.

There were governance and belonging conversations –
Ivan reported that people were happy with the governance conversation – surprisingly positive.

Great when you put your ideas out to caring smart people and they react and care and support. – clarifying the ‘point’ of the conversations.

Ask these conversations happen – how is the information being woven into the work we are doing as a PT – what is the circulation system of the conversation?
Very important to spread the data, ways and uses of it.
This will be looked at again.

4. PT membership: Adding PT membership / clarification of membership / leaving members
Review proposal to define term of service, commitment, and process to add or remove PT members
Draft – PT Service Topics

Noun/Verb – member or serving on
How to enter
Please all re-read and comment on the document and we will come back to it.
This will be the main document for PT membership

Body Break
5. Evaluation of the CB – Role Appreciation & Evaluation.
Next steps get PT feedback on questions

Comment and review a last time
SS will post to groups IO
One week to comment.
This is a living process and any comments applied after that will be applied to the next version.
Email to feedback and SS KM to respond and incorporate.

6. Center and Group Conv with SGS
CE Conv on Gov

A letter came out from SGS – in response to the survey that centres and groups filled out.
There will be structured conversations coming out of this
This has been in conjunction with some of the PT – and this is a conversation they would like us (the PT) to host for them.

Format – like the Community engagement – but focused on the participation of the centre leadership.

How does a centre accommodate students who want to study with the Sakyong and those who do not participate in the same groups.

This is a service function of the CE working group – and Data and has been in process for a while and has just been launched to centre leadership via a letter from Melanie Klien.

The PT is not necessarily the recipient of the content of the conversations – but is here to help, support and facilitate them [ the internet provider ]

Ongoing suggestion for clarity around the word ‘leadership’ and ability to include council members and council styles.
It is fishy as

Q – all centres or just USA? A – starting with USA

Ongoing suggestion for not segregating but cross pollinating.

Please pass along the suggestion that Europe not be dealt with through SGS but instead by individual centres and groups.

Ask John David Smith to create an “Emerging Leadership” category for everyone that is even interested in participating in Shambhala Leadership Succession.

Moving beyond just silos.
How to circulate communications.

Maybe this is a theme for the next All PT?The conversations are about ‘affiliations’ and possible criteria for legal associations. Which is possibly why

SGS is starting with usa/cda. Europe has different legals and so will be approached later, based on this initial work.

There are different legalities but the Issues are the same. So European participation should happen as well.

Possible centres and groups – wg – that is Europe based!
Requesting Melanie to show up in Europe conversations. (as they don’t know who she is).

7. Review backlog items on Trello
For next week
Flex time
Debrief and Closing
A. Brief Meeting Evaluation (thumb gestures and, or a quick round of liked & did not like, deeper discussion would be scheduled for another time) and
Closing Touch-In
B. Dedication of Merit
C. Bow

Decisions Made


Date Review Date Decision Details
Cancel the AllPT conversation of Feb 7th


Action Items


Date Due Date Lead Action Item Details
KM Cancel FEB 7 meeting – done
KM Add intro to notes of last all pt meeting with land centres and get comments from them and share with PT
All Feedback on PT Service Topics by next meeting.  

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