Coordinating Body Minutes Meeting of 2021.03.30

Attendees :  Catherine Éveillard, Ivan Tröscher, Janet Bronstein, Jim Fladmark, Nora Wiser,
Absent :  Kristine McCutcheon, Shel Sampa Fisher

Facilitator :         Minutes :     JB    Time Keeper :    CE
Speakers List:     Well-Being :        Call Host :    JF


1. Meditation

2. Opening
2.A.  Opening Touch-In (brief transition: “what is alive in me now”)
2.B.  Review/ Assign Meeting Roles
2.C.  Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting
2.D.  Approval of Today’s Agenda
2.E.  Make copies of this document for approved Agenda, and for taking Minutes.
2.F.  Confirm Date of Next Meeting (2021.04.06)
2.G.  Confirm Call Connection Info for Next Meeting
2.H.  Upcoming Events (see status updates below)
– Next All PT-Call is April 25 @ 16:00 Eastern Time

3. Status Updates

3.A.  N/A

4. Review of the 2021.03.27 All-PT Call

Sense that the PT wants to continue.
How to do this without making boxes ?  Yet the value of some principles and forms is also clear ?

Body Break

5. Brainstorm re. Serving on Process Team Document

    • Role of CB — a group with a meta view that can see how the PT fits into the larger Shambhala world, can view what is needed.
    • Decorum for participating rather than a rule for who can and can’t participate ; and a decorum for working with that input rather than being intimidated about it.
      • Validity of all views, but some are broader and therefore more helpful than others.
      • Skillful means of not getting triggered by other people’s stuff.
    • Perhaps request people to always be part of a WG (the architecture of the PT) and then the WGs take care of their own decorum and enforcement.
      What architecture would be functional?

      • Ask specific person what that would look like for them, what WG would they plug in to?
      • Present the challenge of their rhetorical approach.  What would be a way to help them speak in a more helpful way ?
    • Maybe the out-boundary is set on the WG level instead of the PT level ?
    • Note that people do voluntarily leave, maybe kicking people out is not the issue, but removing people who leave from email  and document access could be sharper.
    • Consider explicit renewing of the commitment to the PT, cuts through the privilege aspect of being part of the group, you actually say – yes – I am still active.
      • Suggest that people re-look at their activity and voluntarily renew.
    • For entering – maybe people begin by working in a Working Group, and then consider being on the PT.
      • Is there really a difference between being active on the PT and being in a WG?
      • It is OK to limit your commitment on the PT to a single task, but the idea of leaving these people off of the PT doesn’t make sense.
      • Provide a document on what it means to be on the PT.
    • Open-ness of PT sharing and communication, serving on the PT has a relationship with a Working Group, moving into + enter + leave, know that this is evolving.
      Sense of freshness, inspire decorum.

6.  Open All-PT Meeting – with community invited
What would the topic be ?

7.  Review Backlog Items on Trello

Debrief and Closing
A.  Brief Meeting Evaluation (thumb gestures and, or a quick round of liked & did not like, deeper discussion would be scheduled for another time), and Closing Touch-In
B.  Dedication of Merit
C.  Bow

Decisions Made



Action Items

Date Due Date Lead Action Item Details
2021.03.30 2021.04.06 JF

Contact Lynele and Barbara and organize a joint call that Ivan will join to bring Lynele into Finance and Legal.

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