Coordinating Body Minutes Meeting of 2021.04.13

Attendees :  Catherine Éveillard, Ivan Tröscher, Janet Bronstein, Jim Fladmark, Nora Wiser, Shel Sampa Fisher
Absent :  Kristine McCutcheon

Facilitator : NW    Minutes : JB    Time Keeper : CE
Well-Being :     Speakers List :     Call Host : JF


1. Meditation

2. Opening
2.A.  Opening Extended Check-In
2.B.  Review / Assign Meeting Roles
2.C.  Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting
2.D.  Approval of today’s Agenda
2.E   Make copies of this document for approved Agenda, and for taking Minutes.
2.F.  Confirm Date of Next Meeting (2021.04.20)
2.G.  Confirm Call Connection Info for Next Meeting
2.H.  Upcoming Events (see status updates below)
All PT-Call – April 25th, 16:00 Eastern Time

3.  Status Updates

3.A.  Outreach to GMS re. new person to serve on GMS
– No objections, so accepted

3.B.  Community Engagement Conversations
– Shambhala Board is interested in hearing about the conversations.

3.C.  Code of Conduct
– Moving into a training mode for the facilitators and others.  Reminder that the new CoC emphasizes that everyone has a responsibility for the well being of the whole.  How to learn from our mistakes ?

4. Further Discussion of the Serving-on-the-PT Document

 – CB will continue to refine the document and review again next week.
 – When it reflects the consensus of the CB, the intention is to meet one-on-one with key people to talk through the ideas.

Body Break

5.  CB Refresh on Midsummer’s Day (All-PT call of June 27, 4pm Eastern)

Roles to be filled
– (1) PTP
 – (2) IT & Communications
 – (3) Project Management & Admin Support
– (4) Healing-Learning
Process would be to request nominations in these areas.
It is intentional for the CB to renew on Midsummer’s day, and the PT to renew on Shambhala day.  See 2021 Nomination Process document.

What should the role of the CB be in making the selections ?
Should we invite other people from the PT, or outside the PT, to form a replacement-nomination solicitation committee ?
Maybe one CB member and others from outside the PT ?
Solicit volunteers openly ?

6.  Planning for the April All-PT Call
Sunday April 24, 4pm EDT. 

Business (IT & CE)
 – WG updates (emphasis on CEI)
 – Finish starting again
 – Introducing new members
 – Towards Seating a CB selection group :  Start a nomination process for WG reps.

Themed Discussion (JF & JB)
 – Code of Conduct training/culture shift ?  Explore what it will take to shift the culture towards Code of Conduct.

7. Review Backlog Items on Trello

Debrief and Closing
A. Brief Meeting Evaluation (thumb gestures and, or a quick round of liked & did not like, deeper discussion would be scheduled for another time), and Closing Touch-In
B. Dedication of Merit
C. Bow


Decisions Made

Date Review Date Decision Details



The CB replacement selection committee will be drawn from the PT, might include one existing CB member.  This will be a point of business for 2021.04.25 All-PT meeting.



Open the 2021.04.25 all-PT meeting to the community.


Action Items

Date Due Date Lead Action Item Details


2021.04.16 (Fri) draft to CB / 

2021.04.18out to i.o.

SSF, JF, IT Draft and send to PT an invitation to the 4/25 All PT meeting – business component plus theme of “implications of the COC for changing Shambhala culture”


IT Discussions with key people about ideas for the working document on serving on the PT — not as a finished product but as the building of ideas.



SSF Post 2021.03.30 and 2021.04.06 minutes to the PT web site.


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