When and How?

We extend an invitation to the community to train in the methodology of Theory U, along with members of the PT.

How can I participate?

    1. By studying the u.Lab course materials
    2. By joining small-group coaching circles, where we practice the techniques and methods of Theory U.
    3. By participating in “hubs,” which u.Lab provides as larger gathering places for participants.
      • We ask all Shambhala u.Lab participants to join the Shambhala “Maha Hub” (formal name “Shambhala International Hub”), where we all can connect and coordinate our various journeys through the u.Lab course.
      • In addition, anyone can create, host, or join a hub to explore local or mandala-wide topics of their choosing at the Presencing Institute’s website. Hubs should identify their intention, and follow a focused journey shaped by the Theory U framework.

Click here for detailed instructions for signing up for the u.lab and Shambhala Hub.

Please let us know if you sign up by sending an RSVP to Coordinator nancykaplonpt@gmail.com.