Journey of the Shambhala Process Team – Year One

Our Journey as the Shambhala Process Team, from taking our seats on Shambhala Day in Feburary 2019 until February 2020, is documented here. Translations: Française (sans appendices) Italiano (appendici in inglese) Español (traducción completa, incluyendo apéndices) We offer this culmination of our learnings, which was crafted by drawing on input from across the Process Team. … Continue reading Journey of the Shambhala Process Team – Year One

June 2019

Please note: Because the work of the Process Team (PT) is dynamic and evolving, specific Working Groups (WGs) may arise or dissolve over time, and not every existing group will provide a monthly update.  The Process Team Steering Committee (SC) The PTSC facilitated a second full-PT gathering via Zoom on June 22. During this two-hour … Continue reading June 2019

May 2019

The Shambhala Process Team (PT) work is in full swing, as the May updates demonstrate! The Process Team Steering Committee (SC) The Steering Committee facilitated a full-PT gathering via Zoom for the first time on April 27th (which you may remember from last month’s update). During this two-hour meeting, PT members engaged in the practice … Continue reading May 2019

Contact Us

  Please use the form below to contact us about any Process Team work and initiatives. The Community Engagement Conversations are rolling out.  If you would like to be involved in any way – follow this link. If you would like to reach the Healing and Protection Working Group to share your experiences or offer … Continue reading Contact Us

Neem contact met ons op

Gebruik onderstaand formulier om contact met ons op te nemen over eventuele werkzaamheden en initiatieven van het Process Team. De Community Engagement Conversations worden uitgerold.Als je op welke manier dan ook betrokken wilt zijn – volg dan deze link. Als u de werkgroep Heling en Bescherming wilt bereiken om uw ervaringen te delen of suggesties … Continue reading Neem contact met ons op

Process Team letter to the community (3 June 2019)

Dear Shambhala Community, Our work on the Process Team (PT) has proceeded much like the initial phases of a rollercoaster ride. We were facing a very high peak that seemed at times insurmountable and a little scary, but we have continued climbing. Now, as the momentum of our work is beginning to take on a … Continue reading Process Team letter to the community (3 June 2019)

March 2019

The members of the PT have formed several working groups (WGs) and are proceeding to develop processes and proposals to help our community face the challenges of our current situation. All WGs have met, a few of them more than once. Many have around 10-15 members, while one has more than 50. Keep in mind … Continue reading March 2019

Initial Process Team Working Groups

Coordination (Steering Committee) Ensure that the Process Team and Working Groups are properly established, resourced, and supported; have clear objectives and are making clear progress toward them; are communicating among one another as appropriate; and are able to adapt to and overcome obstacles in their work. Identify and remedy gaps in representation across the global … Continue reading Initial Process Team Working Groups