Process Team Introduction to the Community (6 March, 2019)

Dear Shambhala Community,

We are writing to introduce ourselves and to say a little about what we have been doing since Shambhala Day when we first convened as the Process Team Steering Committee.

In that short time, so much has happened in our community. In the midst of our own heartbreak, disappointment, and personal processing, we have been working steadily to establish solid foundations for our work: as a Steering Committee (SC), with the full Process Team (PT) and with the community as a whole. Many different and conflicting viewpoints are being expressed about what now needs to happen to transform our social relations, cultural practices, and structures to be in line with our Shambhala-Buddhist values. We don’t have the answers, nor is it our role to have them. Rather, we are here to help develop sane and supportive processes for collectively exploring needed changes.

To this end, we have created a number of working groups reflecting input from the Shambhala Community (collected and passed on by the Transition Task Force) and in discussions with the wider PT. We are committed to making our work as transparent as possible and to being in regular contact with the Shambhala community. We will soon send out a link for a website where we will post notes from Steering Committee meetings, important links and documents, and answers to frequently asked questions. We are also exploring better ways of opening lines of communication – by email and other means – and will be back in touch with details within the coming weeks.

We very much look forward to working with the PT and our community as a whole. We remain inspired and deeply committed to our journey together.

In the vision of enlightened society,

The Process Team Steering Committee

Jim Fladmark
LaDawn Haglund
Dian Marie Hosking
Paul Kelway
David Marshall
Deborah Marshall
Frederick Meyer
Lisa Piemont
Martin Ramstedt
Jose Tomas Ruano
Susan Skjei