Process Team letter to the community (1 May 2019)

Dear Shambhala Community,

We are writing to share with you an update on the work we have undertaken as the Process Team (PT) in the month of April.

We are in the midst of a very vibrant development phase, with several initiatives shaped by the creative and diverse energies, opinions, and experiences of our team. All PT Working Groups (WGs) are now meeting regularly and working together to both develop relationships within their groups and establish and then make progress toward achieving their work goals.

You can find complete updates for all working groups on the PT website:

Here are some highlights:

    • The Healing and Protection team is continuing to respond to messages and would like to offer help in any way they can. Please contact them if you would like to share your concerns, what you are experiencing, or what you feel would be helpful at the email.
    • The recently-established Survey WG hopes to be ready in May to facilitate the Interim Board sending the first online survey to the community.
    • The Communications and Technology WG is coordinating with other PT WGs to develop Vision and Mission statements for the PT. They have also added a page on the website for acronyms like those in this update:
    • The Culture Change WG is processing a range of views within the team regarding the intersectionality of personal, social, and Shambhala cultures and what might need to change to eliminate harm and exclusion in the community
    • The Charter subgroup is taking on the task of drafting a charter for the PT that will contain statements of our values, vision and goals, as well as operational guidelines for how we can best work together. They have the aspiration that the Process Team charter can eventually serve as a helpful model for Shambhala as a whole.

All other WGs updates are available on our website.

Meanwhile, individual members of the PT are continuing to get to know each other not only through the working groups but also by practicing and contemplating together. In this spirit, we will hold our first All-PT Zoom meeting this week, in order to help inform and balance the “work” with deepening our understanding of and connection with each other.

We are all working hard – on the PT, in our local communities, and in our own jobs and personal lives. We appreciate your many messages of support and we continue to read and process your email communications (, even though we may not be able to respond personally to all messages received.

We are inspired by your continued engagement with the Shambhala community, and eager to begin making direct contact with you. We will get there.

With great respect,

The Shambhala Process Team