Process Team letter to the community (2 August 2019): Invitation to Participate in Free Online Theory U Course

Dear Shambhala Community,

In place of an update this month, the Process Team (PT) would like to extend an invitation to those members of the community interested in exploring Theory Uand training in its methodology together with the PT.

What is Theory U? At its core, it is a framework and set of tools that help communities tap into their collective wisdom during times of profound challenge, and to “co-generate” their emerging future. As Shambhalians, our Buddhist training gives us a significant advantage in being able to understand this framework and apply its tools.

As we explained in our July update, the PT will employ Theory U (among other means) to facilitate transformative change in our community. Theory U is a good fit for this work because its values align with Shambhala as a contemplative community, it complements our existing wisdom practices, and it encourages broad participation and a diversity of viewpoints. It can also be easily adapted at local and regional levels and across Shambhala, and is easy to understand and apply.

We would like to invite interested members of the community to join us! A major upcoming learning and practice opportunity begins on September 12, and has one prerequisite to be completed by August 29 (see point 1 below). Here are details:

    1. Introduction to Theory U:
      This free, two-hour video introduction is helpful for anyone interested in understanding more about Theory U. It is also a prerequisite for the fall u.lab online course (see point 2), and people interested in enrolling in that course need to complete the introduction by August 29.

    2. u.lab: an online course on Theory U:
      This free, 13-week u.lab online course is offered annually and begins this year on September 12. It will involve group work with participants from around the world, including members of the PT and the broader Shambhala community. The u.lab course has “Hubs”—defined communities practicing the material together—and we hope to organize a Shambhala Hub.

We want to share these training opportunities with you now, as the deadlines are approaching.

Save the Dates: Join Us for Two Orientation and Q&A Sessions

The Theory U coordination group within the Process Team invite you to join us for conversation and Q&A on Theory U and its relationship with Shambhala.

These two optional orientation sessions will last 60 minutes, and will take place:

Please join us on one of these calls, especially if you are curious about or thinking of participating in the September online course.

Joining the Shambhala Hub

If you are interested in or have registered for the u.lab online course, please contact Nancy KapLon (, so that we will have a sense of the participants in the Shambhala Hub. We will be in touch with everyone that registers before the end of August to offer more information about the Shambhala Hub, and how we can make the most out of our community participation.

Our hope in making this invitation is that Shambhala can benefit from practicing a shared awareness-based methodology for social change.

If you have any questions, please direct them to

Warmly, The Shambhala Process Team