Origins of the Process Team – A Short Version

What is the Process Team ?

The Process Team is a group of volunteers that was originally gathered by the Transition Task Force at the end of 2018.  Its members are a diverse group of people from the international sangha, from all dharmic streams held by the community, and from many backgrounds, including  people from North America, Europe, and New Zealand.

The Process Team is a Shambhala body independent from the Board, the Shambhala Global Services, and the Sakyong, and has its own mandate.

The Process Team’s original job description was – To consult with the entire Shambhala community and propose how Shambhala can restructure itself and its leadership.

The Transition Task Force recommended that the Process Team – engage the community in a process that results in community healing, culture change, and a governance structure relevant for Shambhala in these times and for the future.

The PT was further charged with the task of – creating a path to freshness, trust and transparency for Shambhala as a worldwide organization.

By the end of its first year, the Process Team formulated its Mission Statement as – To facilitate a community-wide process that engages the Sangha through dialogue while honouring the fundamental nature of basic goodness and abiding in accord with the Dharma, thereby identifying a path forward for the community that nurtures healing and learning, and respects diversity, inclusion, and cultural differences.

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