PTSC Meeting – 22Feb20

Please note: these minutes will be the last from the Year 1 Steering Committee (PTSC) – Meeting minutes from PTSC – 22 February 2020

The PTSC is dissolving in order for a temporary transition team to guide the creation of a new coordinating body. The coordinating body will replace the PTSC this coming year. Six of the original eleven members of the PTSC have stepped down from the PT entirely, while five will continue, either as members of specific Working Groups or making themselves available on an advisory basis.

The temporary transition team – Shel Sampa Fisher, Jim Fladmark, Nancy KapLon, Frederick Meyer, and Teri Rowe – will spend the next several weeks working to design the next coordinating body for the Process Team, based on input gathered from the PT and best practices that have emerged this year. The new coordinating body is expected to be seated by early May 2020.