Process Team, Year Two – In Progress (September) – A Short Version

Spring 2020 – Spring 2021

In May 2020, a new Coordinating Body was established to succeed the initial Steering Committee.  The idea for moving to a ‘Coordinating Body’ was to emphasize the need for  ‘platform’ to better integrate and support the work of the Process Team, and to link emerging community initiatives with the Pillars of Shambhala, and with the Shambhala Board.

The Coordinating Body adheres to the Code of Conduct and its Principles.  The Coordinating Body aspires to be an example for practising these Principles, to restore and sustain trust through principles of care, accountability, transparency and inclusivity.

The Coordinating Body is NOT a representational body for the Process Team.

The six members of the CB are: Catherine Éveillard, Janet Bronstein, Jim Fladmark, Kristine McCutcheon, Nora Wiser, Shel Sampa Fisher.. Like the rest of the Process Team they are volunteers from all across the mandala who have committed to serve for a year to :

design, recommend, and facilitate processes by which the community can heal from past harm, re-envision itself, and foster a safe, inclusive, and participatory culture and governance structure.

Steps taken to date this year include :

  • July 2020, the results of the first 3 of 4 portions of the Sense of Shambhala Survey were formally released July 2020.  The goal of this community-wide survey effort was to describe where we are right now as a Shambhala community through listening deeply to all segments of Shambhala, mapping the ground and understand how experiences and issues in Shambhala are understood by those who took the time and had the interest to respond.  More than 3000 people participated in this survey.
  • August 2020, the Board released the proposed Code of Conduct policies to the community for feedback.  A series of Community Engagement activities being planned for this, being led by both the Process Team and by certain Centres in Europe.
  • August 2020, the Process Team launches a Community Engagement Initiative, see below.

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