Report from the First European Shambhala Forum

From Thursday May 29 until Saturday June 1 2019, European Shambhalians from all directions gathered in Dechen Chöling for the First European Forum. The seeds for this meeting came from various conversations at the Kalapa Garchen in 2017 and the German regional meeting in 2018. They were further developed in the conversations of the European Regional Directors and Co-ordinators (ERDC). The designers and facilitators of the Forum, Konstanze Brockstedt, Dian-Marie Hosking, Grit Turnowsky and Fred van Welsem, wanted to create a process in which participants: felt empowered and able to talk about whatever topics they wanted, could connect with each other, and could (re)connect with their inspiration, lungta and the magic of Shambhala.  This website shares something of what we did and how we did it, along with the emerging ideas and projects. It will be constantly updated as participants use the blog page to share how they have further developed and actioned emergent projects. We hope that others in Shambhala can find something of benefit in the practices and processes described, as well as some of the ideas discussed. Please interact with the material through the blog, or you can send a message on the Process Team website (contact us)… helping us all to learn together.