Shambhala Community Conversations

A conversation series, The Next Buddha Project, is ongoing in 2024 and 2025.

To read summaries from past community conversations, view the Community Conversation archive.

About Shambhala Community Conversations

Shambhala Community Conversations is a series of sangha-wide live group discussions designed to encourage connection, collective reflection, and new directions forward for our community.

Beginning with deep exploration, each of these conversations will move into personal, local, and mandala-wide action.

What We Discuss

We host inclusive and genuine discussions on the key topics affecting our community, such as:

  • The future of Shambhala governance.
  • Our teachings, dharma, and practice paths.
  • Our community’s relationship to lineage.
  • Building stronger relationships across our differences.

How We Share Conversations with the Community

All conversations are documented and shared with the community and with Shambhala’s leadership structures. We document each conversation as follows:

  1. We provide spaces for written reflection at intervals during the conversation.
  2. Facilitators record and anonymize a transcript of the group conversation.
  3. After the meeting, participants can share any further insights they wish to with our team via email.

Our volunteer team then creates a summary of each conversation, as well as providing the full unedited text. These summaries are publicly available, and are shared with Shambhala’s leadership bodies. Participant names are not shared.

Our Team

Shambhala Community Conversations began as an initiative of the Shambhala Process Team. At present, we are a mixture of Process Team members, community volunteers, and dozens of trained facilitators from across the community.

How to Join Us

We’d love to hear from you. You can contact us any time at
And please join our mailing list for regular updates and upcoming conversations!