The next year – Introducing the Coordinating Body of the Process Team

What is the Coordinating Body of the Process Team? 


The Coordinating Body (CB) are 7 people chosen from the current membership of the Process Team (PT) to facilitate communication among the various working groups and the community at large.  CB members do not represent specific working groups but are all in at least one.   We aspire to create an open   communication channel between  the community, the Process Team and the Board. 

The mandate of the CB is:

  • To provide support to and facilitating synergy between PT Workgroups.
  • To hold the Vision and Mission of the PT

The Coordinating Body was developed from an iterative process of feedback and input from the Process Team, at the conclusion of the first year of work.  The structure and current roles of the Coordinating Body can be found here  (most current version)    

Our role isn’t to make decisions for the working groups, but simply to communicate their activity and work.   We want to help the community and the process team connect to the working groups and projects that are happening in Shambhala.   

If you have a project that you are working on and would like to connect it to a Process Team working group, or if you would like to join an existing project anywhere in the PT mandala please let us know.  We will be opening opportunities for new members to join the Process Team soon.   

In addition to the current array of PT groups, there is more room.  New working groups may be created through the Process Team that align with our mission.  The Coordinating Body is your link to the Process Team and to how you can help.  

Regardless of our individual paths, we recognize that the sangha ‘is’ shifting.  Who we are as a community ‘is’ shifting.  We are also all at different stages of our personal and societal path.  Our expectations can’t be the same as they were yesterday, three years ago, or 40 years ago.  This is the nature of impermanence.  It makes each interaction more poignant knowing there may not be another one.  

Sane Goodbyes  – One area of learning  over the past two years (and longer) is that we haven’t always been able to say good-bye with love and respect to those who have left shared communities.  We have lost decorum and we have all contributed to creating a space where it is uncomfortable to respectfully disagree and have difficult conversations.   From this pain has come recommendations for Sane Goodbyes.

At this time, with the international Covid-19 epidemic, we can’t get together and raise a toast.  However, we would like to acknowledge all those who said yes to the Process Team, who wanted to help out in whatever way they could, and to say thank you and goodbye to those who have stepped down..   

Thank you to all who have contributed to the process of figuring out the process in the first year;   Alex Day, Alexandra Landstra-Kalinine, Betsy Railla, Carolyn Kanjuro, David Marshall, Deborah Marshall, Dr. Dean Nelson, Fred van Welsem, Gerda Jansonius, Gernot Landschein, Henri Bouissou, Joanna Francis, Katy Klutznick, Konstanze Brockstedt, Laura Chenoweth, Linda Markowitz, Lisa Piemont, Margaret Hughes, Michael Stephens, Otto Pichlhöfer, Paul Kelway, Peter Nowak, Ruby Stocklin-Weinburg, Sofija Terzic, Steve Jewell, Sybren Post, Tai Pimputkar, Tanja Duda, Tessa Racine, Tillie Perks, Tracy Suchocki, Ute Steiner, Voula Kereklidou, Please prosper in all your activities.  

Thank you also to the people who have graciously volunteered another year of service for the community process.    

Thank you to the Steering Committee of the initial year of the Process Team.  Your work is much appreciated and your wisdom will continue to penetrate.  Thank you for your generosity of time and effort and may your involvement continue to bear fruit.  Jim Fladmark, LaDawn Haglund, Dian Marie Hosking, Paul Kelway, David Marshall, Deborah Marshall, Frederick Meyer, Lisa Piedmont, Martin Ramstedt, Susan Skjei.  We would also refer you to their debrief of the initial year of the Process Team.  

Our gratitude for the organisational skill, support and care of the Year 2 Transition Team who assumed the responsibility for facilitating the design process, and seating of the current CB.  

Teri Rowe, Nancy KapLon, Fred Meyer, Shel Sampa Fisher, Jim Fladmark.  

We look forward to connecting with you, 

Signed by the Coordinating Body of the Process Team


Janet Bronstein

Catherine Eveillard

Jim Fladmark

Shel Sampa Fisher

Kristine McCutcheon

Nora Wiser

Diane Whitcomb