Coordinating Body Meeting Notes July 23 2020

Shambhala Process Team – Coordinating Body


Meeting of 2020.07.23

Attendees : Catherine Éveillard, Diane Whitcomb, Janet Bronstein, Jim Fladmark, Kristine McCutcheon, Nora Wiser, Shel Sampa Fisher   Absent :  

Roles    Facilitator : Minutes : SSF   Time Keeper : JB Call Host : JF

  1. Meditation
  2. Opening

2.A.  Opening Touch-In

2.B.  Review/ Assign Meeting Roles

2.C.  Approval of Minutes of Last Meeting

2.D.  Approval of Agenda of Current Meeting

2.E.  Confirm Date of Next Meeting

2.F.  Confirm Call Connection Info for Next Meeting

2.G.  Upcoming Events (dates related to PT or CB)

  1. Status Check-Ins
  • CB meeting with Board Members
    Some Board members would be available and interested in meeting with CB at next CB meeting, 2020.07.30.
  • Board release of CoC Policies
  • Posting Agenda to PT website,
  • Hard Post of SoS Survey Results
    SoS Results are now live on PT web site.
  • Next Public CB Update
  1. All-PT Call 2020.07.25

What preparation do we need?

What type of decision is awaited  from participants?

  1. Present CE Initiative Proposal
  2. Check for objections relating to PT Vision, Mission and Aims
  3. Invite volunteers to each of the four CE Teams (see diagram)
  4. Take volunteers right there.
  5. CB CE TF Update

* Preparing ground for CE initiatives from PT

* Who & what is the TF

How many members ? 

What would be the status of this group ? 

Are the CB group part of it? 

What is needed to launch the CEI ? 

Working Strategy

  • Set up initial TF of 8 members :
    • Mandate : set ground of CE Support Team
    • Time frame : aim for before next All-PT Call (2020.08.30)
  1. Review of Pending Action Items

“How can we facilitate the conversations that need to happen?”

Is this still relevant ?  

Is it being addressed by something we are already doing ?

All PT Calls, All PT Open Conversations, and CE Initiative are responding to this need.

  1. Supporting the Umbrella Groups

Postpone / resume this discussion to / on August 6 ?

Working Themes for 2020-08-30 All-PT Call :

  • Reengaging inactive members & new members
  • Highlighting initiatives that are being called for, e.g. CEI

Could we submit an article for Shambhala Times re. CE ?

Could the PT eventually evolve into a Shambhala Office of Community Initiatives ?

  1. Flex time
  • Adding a “The PT Dot” group on
  1. Closing

9.A. Brief Meeting Evaluation (thumb gestures and, or a quick round of liked & did no like, deeper discussion would be scheduled for another time)

9.B. Closing Touch-In

9.C. Dedication of Merit

9.D. Bow