Thank you to members leaving the Process Team

The Coordinating Body would like to thank the following members for their activity on the PT and service to the community.  For the past two years these people have been active in their own locals and when they could added to the PT discussion.   We wish them all the best in their further activities.   

Jan Lamoc, Diane Whitcomb, Michael Carpenter, Fred Van Welsan, Ellen Napodano

Fred worked on Ulab and moved that forward.  Jan added stability and insight to the Governance discussions.  Micheal helped with the Journey document put together of the Process Teams work.  We would like to also thank Diane Whitcomb for her work on the Code of Conduct, the Protection working group, the Governance Working Group and the Coordinating Body and moved conversations forward artfully.  It was wonderful to work with all of them.   

Thank you for your service,