The Stated Purpose of Shambhala

This document was originally posted on the Transition Task Force website.


The legal purpose of the Shambhala organizations includes the phrase “a global community devoted to presenting, establishing, and advancing the wisdom, compassion, and skillful means of the lineage of the Sakyongs of Shambhala.”

Many people have asked what exactly “lineage of the Sakyongs of Shambhala” means. One’s relationship with the lineage is highly personal; however, we could inquire into this as it applies to those applying for roles on the Interim Board or the Process Team.

Based on our understanding of this purpose, the Transition Task Force welcomes qualified applicants to apply for the Interim Board or Process Team who have a commitment to the vision of a good human society on this earth, or to the vision of Shambhala, or to the Shambhala teachings and community, or to the Sakyong principle, or to the Lineage of Sakyongs, or to the Dorje Dradül, or to the Sakyong.

Ultimately, “the idea of lineage in Shambhala teachings relates to one’s connection with primordial wisdom.” The Druk Sakyong was the transmitter of these profound teachings on basic goodness and enlightened society, especially vital in this particular time. The teachings describe the Sakyong principle, which is the ability to join this profound vision with earthly challenges and limitations.

Sakyong means “Earth Protector,” and communicates that the role of leadership is to protect this earth and its inhabitants. Each of us can step into a role of leadership by recognizing the potential of our community and by joining the teachings with our everyday life and work contexts. The Sakyong Principle is embodied in each of us as well as the first Sakyong Trungpa Rinpoche and the Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.