Theory U coaching circle brought to San Antonio

Our San Antonio coaching circle, including a person from Houston, presented this program for a community meeting. Only one person came but we did it anyway, since it was good practice. We did this to draw interest in Theory U.

San Antonio Shambhala Gathering using Theory U – 12/07/2019

10:30 Facilitators meet at center

11:00 Gather for potluck lunch

Noon Gather in shrine room

Brief statement of Theory U and today’s use of Coaching Circle as one of the tools

(I think each of us should make a brief statement, which shows our work together)

Linda: Brief explanation of Theory U using throwing a stick to a Dog and Lion example (we are Lions!)

Betsy: Intro to Theory U (pg. 9) based on Open Mind/Heart/Will connecting with the emerging future

Celeste: Brief introduction to presencing: awareness of what wants to emerge (3 min.)

Teresa: Introduction to prototyping (2 min)

Paul: Four levels of listening

Dena: what attracted me to theory U and coaching circles was a combination of connecting with the future (aushpishesness), Presencing, sensing it

12:20 Dyad (5 minutes each as a Talk-Listen)

Dyad including reflection questions:

        1. Reflect on your early days of being on this path—what brought you, how it felt to be here.
        2. Reflect on how you experienced the disruption of the news of sexual misconduct.

What do you notice about your inner response?

Moment of silence.

12:30 Form Coaching Circles (2 per group with one of us as facilitators)

(Any facilitators without a group will form their own)

12:35 Intention statement by case giver

(Each case giver will give their intention statement on the spot)

Take a moment to imagine what you would like to see/feel/experience in a place (the center) that nurtures your spiritual path.

        1. What key challenge or question are you up against?
        2. How might others view this situation?
        3. Intention: What future are you trying to create?
        4. Learning threshold: What do you need to let go of–and what do you need to learn?
        5. Help: Where do you need input or help?

12:43 Stillness

        1. Listen to your heart: Connect with your heart to what you heard/said
        2. Listen to what resonates: What images, metaphors, feelings and gestures come up for you that capture the essence of what you said/heard?

12:45 Mirroring of Images, feelings and gestures

Images (Open Mind), Feelings (Open Heart), Gestures (Open Will)

Each coach shares the images/metaphors, feelings and gestures that came up in the silence or while listening to the case story.

2 min

Having listened to all coaches, the case giver reflects back on what s/he heard.

12:55 Generative Dialogue

Reflect on remarks by case giver—notice any new perspectives

Case giver: Insights, what can you do to move toward the emerging future you imagined

Yourself and for the center?

1:00 Intention statement by case giver 2

1:08 Stillness

1:10 Mirroring of Images, feelings and gestures

1:20 Generative Dialogue

1:30 Individual journaling to capture insights from both cases

1:32 Large group sharing of what each person experienced (intro by Paul)

IF TIME, there will be a guided imagery, as follows:

What would the center look like…feel like…. who would be there… would it feel that just thinking of going to the center…

1:55 Closing remarks-

Imagining the next step…If we can set something up, you will be sent a link to post your thoughts on envisioning our future

Let it haunt you for the next few weeks. (Thank you! And just let this set in for the next few weeks. And if you want to share we are going to have a Facebook group) Private group.

Invite participants to write on poster paper:

Since only one person came, we put the paper on the wall and meditators who came on Sunday already began to add to it