Shambhala Well-Being Project

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About the Shambhala Well-Being Project

This year, a working group of Shambhala Board members, Shambhala Global Services staff and the Shambhala Process Team is initiating the Shambhala Well-Being Project, a system to track the well-being of our community in five areas:

  1. Path, teachings, practices, programs and studies
  2. Governance, leadership, communication and interconnections,
  3. Economy, resources and assets,
  4. Care, conduct and protection, and
  5. Culture and community well- being.

The Well-Being Project aims to develop greater community self-awareness built on accurate data—not on assumptions or wishful thinking—and to enhance our understanding of how these five areas are interconnected.

As a start, we are thinking through what well-being would mean for us in each area. This is where we want your help. We want to hear from anyone with a connection to Shambhala, past or present, newer and longtime practitioners.

The Well-Being Project Team

The Well-Being Project is a new Shambhala Board-sponsored initiative, led by a working group made up of Shambhala Board Members, Process Team Members, and Shambhala Global Services Team Members.

The Working Group members are:

  • Mark Blumenfeld
  • Peter Nowak
  • Faradee Rudy
  • Susan Skjei
  • John David Smith
  • Janet Bronstein
  • Susanne Vincent
  • Sherab Manoukian

Well-Being Project Details and Timeline

The Shambhala Well-Being Project will have three phases:

  1. To identify meaningful indicators of the well-being of our community.  This will help us think about what we care about, what is important, and how that is translated into our relationships and our actions.
  2. To begin measuring these indicators. This will encourage us to be openly inquisitive about what is actually happening in Shambhala, separate from any preconceptions we may have.
  3. To share the findings regularly, in public and on an on-going basis. This is in tune with the guiding principles of our Shambhala Code of Conduct: accountability, transparency, inclusivity and care. As we all become familiar with our well-being status, we will have the basis for continually deepening and enriching our culture and structure.

The three steps above will be in place by Shambhala Day 2022.

Initial Discussion & Decisions on Outline / Scope of Project End of March
Board Approval of Project End of April
Focus Group Invites Sent Mid-May
Focus Groups Complete Mid-June
Board Announcement To Community on Project No later than 3rd week of June
Community Conversations Mid-July
Indicators Feedback Process End of July
Indicators Selection Process Mid-August
Board Review of Indicators Mid-September
HoP Annoucement Mid-September
Data Gathering & Analysis End of November
Another Round of Feedback End of December
Dashboard Development and Board Input Mid-January
Board Review of Dashboard End of January
Dashboard Launch and Announcement to Community Shambhala Day 2022