Why Theory U?

The role of the Process Team is to provide methods to encourage the broader Shambhala community to listen deeply into our collective wisdom, so that new paths forward can emerge. We chose Theory U because we believed it could help us with this goal.

It is uniquely suited to Shambhala

Theory U and Shambhala have co-evolved in many ways. Some of Theory U’s most senior practitioners come from the Shambhala community, and vice-versa; the Shambhala teachings have informed Theory U’s development, which has itself influenced elements of our “In Everyday Life” trainings; and so on.

Being present with our direct experience and allowing “what is” to emerge are fundamental to both Shambhala practices and Theory U as a social change methodology. These connections aren’t coincidences. Theory U is a kindred approach to the Shambhala teachings, designed specifically for helping guide periods of widespread change and transition like ours at present.

The following clips describe the unique connection between these two sets of practices:

Strengths of Theory U

    • It aligns with our culture and values as a contemplative community
    • It complements our existing wisdom practices
    • It encourages broad participation and a diversity of viewpoints
    • It can be easily adapted both at the local and regional levels and across Shambhala
    • It is easy to understand and experiment with
    • It has extensive online training available at low or no cost