Skeleton of a PT CE Activity with an Action Context

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SequenceTitleDescriptionComments & Guidance
1Action ContextWho is asking / listening and how do they intend to use the feedback ?The work behind this needs to be done well ahead of the activity. Requires a clear statement of what the feedback is going to be used for.
2HeartInternal, individual grounding. Connecting to ones own heart.
3.Co-SensingIndividual sharing in small groups.
4.PresencingExploring the theme with generative discussion.
5.Closing and Thanks
6.Asynchronous ParticipationEspecially to allow participation by those unable to attend the live call.
7.CE Event Feedback FormStandard feedback form after every CE activity.
8.Consolidate Harvest from all Sources
9.Share Harvest with Participants and with Listening Body