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The General Framework for a PT Community Engagement (CE) Activity is structured around four elements : Inviting, Hosting, Harvesting, Logistics.

This is the “home-page” for the Process Team’s (PT) Community Engagement Initiative (CEI) “wiki”, or knowledge-base (KB).  Click here to link back to the CEI Main Page.

Welcome to the CEI Wiki

The CEI was launched to help the PT achieve it’s Mission :

To facilitate a community-wide process that engages the Sangha through dialogue while honouring the fundamental nature of basic goodness and abiding in accord with the Dharma, thereby identifying a path forward for the community that nurtures healing and learning, and respects diversity, inclusion, and cultural differences.

The PT CE Support Team is prototyping tools and techniques for action-oriented community conversation, adapted to the needs of Shambhala.  In order to make these tools and techniques easily accessible and widely available, the CE Support Team will be documenting them here in this wiki.